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Kalevala mobilisation - Peukaloseppä In English

l. “Thumbsmith”, Mr. Hannu Mieskolainen
Kalevala mobilisation treatment is traditional Finnish mobilisation care. It is safe, painless, restful and effective way to manage whole body. Influence is based on relaxing muscles and membranous, stretching ligaments and provide liquid siculation of tissues.  Target is a balance kinetic-chain of body. One session takes about 2 hours.


Since 2011, I have been running barefoot, araund the years. I think, barefoot has become some kind of lifestyle to me.

If You are interested in barefoot running, please do not hesitate to contact me. Peukaloseppä offers to You individual and team courses of barefoot running.



If You have muscle or joint pain, try sea salt -poultice for that.

  • 1 liter (room temperature) water and 3 tablespoonful sea salt
  • soak a towel in the water
  • put the towel on pain area, use three times a day, for 45 minutes, on three days

If You got muscle trauma or cramp, use temperature-poultice in 15 minutes: First cold poultice 10 minutes, then warm 10 minutes and finally cold 10 minutes. After that use sea salt -poultice like above.